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Things your Makeup Artist wants you to know

If having a Makeup Trial, receive any of your beauty treatments beforehand

  • the purpose of your wedding trial, is to get you as close to your vision as possible. If you are having a spray tan, changing your hair colour or getting lash extensions for your wedding day, having this done before the trial, allows your makeup artist to know what products and colours to use

2) Don't be afraid to speak up

  • If there is something you are not happy with, please don't be afraid to let your makeup artist know. We don't take anything personally and would rather make the adjustments so that you are happy, and not walk away disappointed. We are in the business to make YOU feel beautiful and confident.

3) Good Skincare

  • Good skin creates the optimal canvass for good makeup and will allow your makeup to last. Texture, fine lines and wrinkles cannot not be erased with makeup, but good skincare can help reduce the appearance of these target areas.

4) Inspiration Photos are helpful

  • There are a lot of filters out there, and some inspirational photos may have been enhanced through photoshop as well. Inspirational photos allow us to know what you like and what you don't like, so keep showing them! We will do our best to create the look or feeling you get from your inspirational photo.

5) You are beautiful

  • Don't forget this. I have yet to meet someone who is not beautiful. We are all created with our own unique features and skin tone. Makeup was created to highlight these unique features. Our goal is to always make sure you still look like you and bring our your inner confidence.

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