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The Brides of 2020

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Being a Bride in 2020 has had its challenges. In the beginning of the Pandemic, weddings were being cancelled and postponed indefinitely. I can only imagine how devastating this is and was to those who were looking forward to their Special Day.

Stage 3 has allowed some weddings to revive themselves, although the look and feel of the wedding may not be what you were originally envisioning.

I am so happy that weddings are taking place again. This shows that life is trying to get back to some sort of normal; whatever that may look like. Being a bride in Stage 3 still has its challenges. The size of your ceremony is limited as well as those that attend your reception. On the bright side, this can allow you to plan a more intimate wedding with those in attendance that matter the most to you and your groom.

Now comes the day of your wedding and you wish to have your makeup done by a professional. This is still one of those special touches that a bride doesn't want to give up. Stage 3 allows Makeup Artists to apply makeup again. Keep in mind Stage 3 still has limitations. If you want your makeup done at a venue such as the wedding venue or your hotel suite, a mask is required by both the artist and the bride. For this reason, we strongly suggest you get ready at your home or a friend's home, if your wedding is being held outside your own city/town. The other factor is that a mask is still required at your reception. This may pose some workarounds for how your makeup will look and holdup throughout the day.

Your photographer should take photos before and directly after the ceremony to ensure your face is fresh and will look its best in your photographs. During the ceremony, guests will only see your eyes. For this reason, your eyes will be the most important part of your makeup look. Eyes can tell a whole story. When its your wedding day, even though you are wearing a physical mask, your groom and guests will still see the smile in your eyes. Make sure they shine!

Wishing you the very best on your wedding day and your future as Mr. and Mrs.

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